Follow the steps to upload your artwork.😊


Browse the website to find the product you need. Click the pink “Upload artwork” button.


Then it goes to this page.


Choose the “Image” option on the left panel and click “Import Images”.


Upload your artwork


Wait until the file is fully uploaded. This might take a while, depending on how fast your internet is. 😉


After it’s successfully uploaded, you will be able to find your artwork on the right panel.


Choose the artwork and go to “Import


Choose the artwork.


If your artwork file fits the template, go ahead to the small black button at right top to “Continue”. For double sided graphic, repeat the same uploading progress for “Side B” and then go to “Continue


Congratulations! You’re done!


Important things to know!


  1. Please make sure your artwork dimension is correct and fits the template.


  1. Please make sure your artwork resolution is between 80DPI to 100DPI.


  1. Use correct file extension. Recommended file extension is PDF or JPG.


Have more questions? Email to😊